About the Group

Venus Group has always been observing its core values of “Quality, Innovation and Service”

The group has been carrying on the spirit of integrity and legality, maintaining good corporate governance and transparent operations, and valuing shareholders’ equity. It grows powerful step by step, and has gained numerous successes and credit from a great many shareholders and customers. It also supervises its overall operation on the principle of equity and fairness and adheres to its tenet of continuing progress and improving performance. Carrying forward its professional attitude of pursuing perfection, it dares to make expansion and ceaseless innovation, and works with its partners for mutual benefit.

The 10-strong founding team in the early days has expanded into a group with 500 elites who serve customers and shareholders and generate benefits through persistent effort and rounds of forward-looking expansion. Its business growth is a miracle in the industry. After it was opened, it has implemented projects including construction of real business premises and an online system platform. Holding a steady attitude, the group has built a fair platform, done its utmost to reduce investment risks and increase the growth rate of profit. Even when the entire industry is in a downturn caused by external factors, it still can profit and continue raising its revenue in the shortest time. By now, its output value has been as high as HKD 5 billion.

Because of its remarkable performance, the group has amassed a customer base with 50,000 people, which continues to increase. Upholding the concept of being “human-oriented” in operation, it operates under the criteria of respecting employees and valuing customers’ interests. With leadership featuring transparent management, it seeks to build a big, inclusive family.

“Priority to integrity, professional mentality”

“Integrity” is the group’s only commitment to its customers, which is why it can be trusted and supported by old and new customers and fast become a professional one-stop financial service platform. It is willing to assist customers in handling complicated business issues and is devoted to generating higher value, reducing management risks and delivering high investment returns. It also takes pride in its services to help customers improve, its transparency, trustworthiness and consistent business processes, and the irreplaceable value it creates for customers in the meantime.

“Steady growth, excellent professionalism”

The group is backed by its practice of creating an attitude featuring cooperation and mutual learning, and fostering a professional R&D system and design team. In addition to delving into all technologies of development and system network, it pursues optimum quality and continues developing innovative technologies. It dedicates itself to constructing system platforms for global customers and meeting various IT-related needs. With a world-class brand orientation, it correlates its products with the market, sets a firm groundwork and cultivates the spirit of teamwork with the power of brand, product and service.

President’s proverb

Achievement comes from effort, and fame from the willingness to act
Confidence is derived from faith, and benevolence from cultivation