Our Group (Venus Group) is a diversified conglomerate. We provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive platform through the synergy among the affiliates under our flagship. We operate and provide various industries including high-end entertainment, travel and S&T information services, etc., and have a sound business foundation and resources network in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea and Southeast Asia. We always uphold the core brand values of Quality, Innovation and Service, and have insisted on the constant innovation spirit for years. Up to now, our Group has become the top-class entertainment group in Southeast Asia and Macao, and is committed to becoming one of the leaders of the top entertainment markets in the world.

Our Group’s core business in Macau is in a leading position within the industry and generates a stable and healthy frequent cash inflow in the relevant business, and further expands the business in the AP region based on the success and experience in Macao. To satisfy the preference and needs of different clients, we have shown a presence in Korea, the Philippines, Cambodia and Viet Nam, and take the initiative to deploy in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Take the business units in the Philippines for example, by Oct. 2017, just two operational years, our Group’s revenue from the Philippines’ business accounts for an appropriate percentage in the Group’s total revenue. This undoubtedly proves our strategies and ability to actively expand to other markets

Our Group has rich had experience in the high-end entertainment market for years and has established a long-term relationship with domestic and overseas entertainment industrial players.

Our Group become an intelligent S&T entertainment conglomerate in combination with the IoT technology, and based in Macao, expanding the AP market, and head on throughout the world. We always insist upon the spirits of Diversified, Innovative, Active, Progressive, Considerate and Good Faith, and have diversified businesses covering real estate development, film making, concert planning, activity planning, investment consulting and auction of works of art, etc. Our commitments to the clients are that we can realize what the clients think and don’t think.

Our Group maintains a sound relationship with our clients, in order to help them obtain more frequent business. We have established a globally reputable client base. We can maintain such long-term sound relationships with our clients and suppliers because of our good faith and professionalism in customer services that are highly recognized in the trade. This helps us develop sound brands and a sound reputation.

Our core business is currently at its expanding stage in the business cycle. With our large distribution and agency network and client base in the AP region, we can obtain a lot of business opportunities. We plan to further expand our leading position in the top entertainment market in the AP region, and finally become the multi-brand entertainment center in several major cities in the AP region, as well as become the leader in respect of providing the comprehensive entertainment supply chain services.

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